Kiosk Equipment Package for Permanent Sites

Lil' Orbits Kiosk Equipment Package

Turn-key, Free-standing Indoor Operations

The kiosk equipment package combines visibility and easy access with the containment sought by most vendors in free-standing locations.

We have designed a beautiful 9' x 9' (2.75m x 2.75m) operation that can easily be incorporated in the center aisle of a mall, convention center, airport concourse, arena, etc. With a fashionable and functional 48" high oak surround with swing gate opening, your operation is given a professional look while keeping buyers safely out of the operation space.

For information regarding machine and cabinet certification listings, please visit the links below.

The Kiosk Package includes:

Oak Surround (with swing gate): limits access to operating area while providing a professional retail 'island' that attracts buyers. Includes a companion cart for your cash register and serving.

Vendor Cart: our beautiful six-foot stainless steel cabinet comes equipped with our Downdraft Filtration System, built-in fire suppression system, illuminated canopy and our new NSF-approved glass surround.

SS1200 or SS2400 Donut Machine producing up to 100 dozen or 200 dozen mini-donuts per hour, respectively.

SS2403 Cabinet: a handy, Formica clad preparation area for mixing batter as well as storing donut mix and supplies.

SM200 or SM400 Hand Wash Sinks: these self-contained sinks are built into a stainless steel cabinet and require no water hookups. Complete with water tanks, water heater and demand water pump.

Additional Options

Custom colors and vinyl wraps

If you are moving into a mall, there is a good chance they have a motif or design they want all their vendors to adhere to. We can have your cabinet custom colored or even wrapped in vinyl to match any setting.

Wraps can be completely customized with images, logos, text and colors. You don't have to worry about installation, your cabinet will arrive already wrapped for you.

Click here to view example wraps

There are four kiosk designs to choose from

All four designs share the same compact 9' x 9' foot print, and differ in the type of machine and size of handwash sink desired.

For the SS1200 Mini-Donut Machine:

  • FSC-12DDF and SM200 Handwash Sink
  • FSC-12DDF and SM400 3-Compartment Sink

For the SS2400 Mini-Donut Machine:

  • FSC-24DDF and SM200 Handwash Sink
  • FSC-24DDF and SM400 3-Compartment Sink

Lil' Orbits Kiosk featuring the SM200 Handwash sink. Available for SS1200 or SS2400 Donut Machine
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Kiosk with SM200 Handwash Sink
Lil' Orbits Kiosk featuring the SM400 3-Compartment Sink. Available for the SS1200 or SS2400 Donut Machine.
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Kiosk with SM400 3-Compartment Sink