Model 800

Semi-Automatic Machine
Produces up to 800 mini-donuts per hour
Easily converted to a universal fryer
Compact counter top design

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Our Most Popular Machine
Produces up to 1200 mini-donuts per hour
$300 per hour profits or more are possible
(Also available in gas-fired)

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High Production Model
Produces up to 2400 mini-donuts per hour
$600 per hour profits or more possible
(Also available in gas-fired)

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Uni-Matic II

Crepe & Pancake Machine
Automatic, Greaseless Cooking System
Produces up to 1,800 mini-pancakes per hour
Cooks multiple sizes and other products

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Equipment, Accessories & Supplies

Mini-Donut Equipment

Lil' Orbits Mini Donut Machine Production Line
Donut machines on production line

We are proud to offer a full line of innovative mini-donut equipment. Our production line includes electric and gas-fired equipment that individually produce up to 2,400 donuts per hour. Our machines are easy to operate, with new operators becoming skilled in less than an hour. All our machines are designed to be lightweight, portable and easy to clean. Each machine is hand-built from quality parts right here in America. We are so confident in the quality of our equipment that we are proud to offer a full lifetime warranty with every new machine purchased.

Pancakes & Crepes

Uni-Matic II Pancake and Crepe Machine
Uni-Matic II producing large pancakes.

Pancakes, crepes, french toast, omelets... Uni-Matic II cooks them all, without grease. Teflon belts traveling over heated plates create the same 'action-attraction' that will bring endless lines of customers. The Uni-Matic II gives you a new way to offer your customers healthier food choices. Automated, controlled cooking yields high quality products, with excellent profits.

High-Quality and Attractive Merchandising Solutions

Lil' Orbits F60-12DDF Vendor cart with downdraft filtration and fire suppression system. Indoor ventilation for your mini-donut operation
NEW AFS12 Cart with Downdraft Filtration and Fire Suppression

Did you know we offer a wider selection of carts, cabinets and retail solutions than we do mini-donut machines? We know how important it is to showcase your equipment in a clean, attractive surrounding. For outdoor and mobile operations, our brightly colored CE-Series cabinets can be completely disassembled and easily transported from event to event. AFS-Series carts contain our fire suppression and downdraft filtration system, compactly mounted inside a beautiful stainless steel cabinet. Our top of the line FSC-Series Vendor Carts are constructed fully from stainless steel with optional downdraft ventilation system and an attractive overhead lighted canopy. We also offer additional items such as mix and cash register stations, optional light box marquees, Plexiglas surrounds and kiosk surrounds; as well as a full line of filtration hoods, ventilation and fire suppression systems and much more.

Self-Contained Sink Systems

Inside view of Lil' Orbits SM200 self-contained hand wash sink system
Inside view of our SM200 handwash sink

You no longer have to worry about running water. Our beautiful stainless steel self-contained sinks are ready to operate anywhere you are, without any need for plumbing or running water. The SM200 Handwash Sink is small, portable and gives you running hot and cold water anywhere you need it. Need more? The SM400 3-Compartment Sink has a handwash bowl and three deep washing sinks. Both systems come with removable clean and gray water tanks as well as a 2.5 gal hot water heater. Not just for portable concessions, these sinks are great for any situation where water is needed in a location where it is impossible or cost prohibitive to install plumbing.

High-Quality Mixes and Supplies

Lil' Orbits full line of high quality enriched mixes for mini donuts, funnel cakes, pancakes, crepes and corn dogs

No equipment is complete without a high-quality and easy to use mix. Lil' Orbits Enriched Special Formula Donut Mix (Prod#4101) is the product of years of research and is well known worldwide. All you need to do is add water, and your customers will be coming back for more. We also stock a selection of specialty mixes for corn dogs, funnel cakes and crepes. For our international customers, we have a great tasting donut mix concentrate that can be blended with local ingredients to suit varied customer taste. Our mixes are certified kosher to OU-D standards and are trans-fat free. We also offer gluten-free options and a newly developed "clean" mix. Ask us for details. Check out our product list for a complete selection of mixes, shortenings, frostings, flavor gels, sugars and supplies for selling your donuts such as bags, buckets and trays.

Accessories and Advertising Materials

Lil' Orbits full line of accessory items, promotional materials and cooking supplies for mini donut operations.

Lil' Orbits has a large selection of accessory items and promotional materials to help your concession business run smoothly. We have a line of machine attachments for different donut sizes, a shortening premelter, tray storage covers, clean-up tanks and much more. Check out our product list for miscellaneous accessories like drain trays, scoops, mix bins, mixers, cleaning supplies and more. Our promotional material line includes vinyl logos, hard plastic logos, price signs, cling-on price signs and apparel to make your concession operation stand out. Looking for something other than mini-donuts or pancakes & crepes? We can special order equipment and supplies for a multitude of concession food offerings like funnel cakes, popcorn, shaved ice, lemonade, hot dogs, corn dogs and much much more. Let us know what you need!

Available for pick up or delivery!

Please contact us at (800) 228-8305 to talk to a representative about placing your next order. We can prepare supplies for local pick up or prepare them for shipping to domestic or international destinations. Call today for supply and shipping quotes. Within MN: All non-food items are subject to state sales tax.

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Have you heard about our newest distributor in Ocala, FL?

That's right! We have a brand new distributor, Knockout Supplies, in Ocala, FL. Michael Kroitor carries our donut mix, bags, buckets and toppings and has every ounce of knowledge you could dream of when it comes to the donut world. You couldn't ask for a better friend in the donut industry, and we know that from experience!

If you're looking for a place to get your supplies in the Southern US, please consider giving Michael a call at (352) 368-2113 and let him know we sent you!

We're more than just mini donuts!

Our donut machines will make any size donut, from mini to large. Ask your sales adviser for details on our quick-change hopper system.

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Lil' Orbits will recycle your used frying oil for you!!

If you have used frying oil and nowhere to dispose of it, bring it in to our Champlin, MN facility and we can recycle it for you! There is no charge for any oil brought in for recycling and we'll take care of the disposal for you.

Both liquid and solid variety shortenings are accepted.

For more information about our recycling program, or to inquire about bringing in your used oil give us a call at (800) 228-8305.

A little history...

Donut Machines have been around since the roaring 20’s, when a Russian-born inventor named Adolph Levitt patented the very first automatic doughnut maker machine. It was showcased at the 1934 World’s Fair, where it was dubbed “The Hit Food of the Century of Progress”. It wasn't long after that donut shops were popping up all over the country, as American’s fell in love with doughnuts. They were handed out to soldiers during the World Wars, given to our troops in gratitude as they reached France in WWI and handed out by Red Cross Donut Dollies to our troops in WWII. Today you can find a Lil’ Orbits operation in over 110 countries worldwide. People just can’t get enough of their doughnuts!!