SS2400-GII New Generation Gas-Fired Mini Donut Machine

The ALL NEW SS2400-GII Gas-Fired machine has been redesigned to meet the latest Canadian gas standards as well as the current ETL and NSF standards.

Lil' Orbtis SS2400-GII Mini Donut Machine
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The Lil’ Orbits Model SS2400-GII gas fired donut machine produces large volumes of donuts in nearly any location.  
Profitable selling opportunities can occur almost anywhere. But, lack of an adequate source of electricity can limit those opportunities. County fairs, game fairs, flea markets, parking lots, etc. may be a long distance from the nearest AC outlet. The SS2400-GII solves that problem.

$600 per hour profits or more are possible!

Optional Accessories
Donut Mixes and Supplies
Turnkey packages available

Quick Change Hopper System

By using our quick-change hopper system, the SS2400-GII will produce donuts in 4 different sizes. Simply exchange the hopper bowl and piston combination to produce a different size.

Here's what you can produce:

  • SS2404 Hopper produces 2400 Mini-Donuts per hour (1-5/8" or 41mm diameter)
  • HP14S Hopper produces 560 Small Donuts per hour (2-1/4" or 57mm diameter)
  • HP716S Hopper produces 480 Medium Donuts per hour (2-1/2" or 63mm diameter)
  • HP916S Hopper produces 360 Large Donuts per hour (3" or 76mm diameter)


  • Safety-Proven Design...operates with a standard propane tank. Includes many fail-safe devices to prevent misuse. All gas components A.G.A listed. All electrical enclosures ETL listed. Tested to meet CSA/TSSA and NSF standards.
  • Quick Hookup...simply fill machine with shortening, attach gas line to propane tank, plug in power cord to specially-designed inverter which is powered by a 12V battery, and you're in business.
  • Completely Automated...cooks both sides, then automatically flips out the cooked product into the receiving tray.
  • Easy to Operate...a new operator can become skilled in minutes! Training video included with machine.
  • Variable Speed...solid state speed control varies from a tantalizing 1 donut per minute up to 2400 donuts per hour. You can pace output to demand and always get action attraction.
  • Easy To Clean...only 7 basic components. Chains, sprockets and conveyor flights have been eliminated. A breeze to clean!
  • Cash Control...tamper-proof digital counter keeps track of every donut made.
  • Quality Control...solid state timing features control cooking time, so every donut comes out perfectly cooked for exact quality control.
  • Lifetime Warranty...under our non-transferable lifetime warranty, all components will be repaired or exchanged for a small fee for as long as you own the machine.
  • Food grade stainless steel and aluminum construction.
  • Sets Up In tools required.
  • Modern Flotation System
  • Minimum Maintenance


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Overall dimensions:
54" L x 21" W x 24.5" H (137 x 53 x 62 cm) with all components attached

Empty: 105 lbs (48 kg)
Shipping: 118 lbs (53.5 kg) - Ships in two boxes

Frying area:
38" L X 8" W x 3" D (96.5 x 20 x 7.5 cm)

Approximate shortening capacity:
Solid shortening: 36 lbs (16.3 kg)
Liquid shortening: 5.1 gal (19.3 L)

115 VAC, 60 Hz, 358 W, 3.2 A (220 VAC, 50 Hz available)
Molded plug with ground.
Robertshaw thermostats with safety hi-limit thermostat.

Certifications for the new generation SS2400-GII Gas-Fired Machine

Certified by ETL to NSF-4, ANSI Z83.11 and CSA 1.8