The SM400 4-Compartment Sink System

This system is specifically designed for locations where permanent plumbing is not available or is not cost effective to install. Perfect for food kiosks, outdoor catering, food sampling sites or anywhere sanitary requirements demand a hand wash sink. There are no permanent hook-ups required, simply fill your fresh water holding tank and plug in the power cord and the unit is ready to go. Designed to meet most health requirements for washing, rinsing and sanitizing as well as a separate hand washing sink.

Front view SM400 4-Compartment Sink
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This durable 100% stainless steel cabinet is mounted on heavy-duty casters for portability. A full size seamless stainless steel lavatory sink offers easy and convenient access. Fresh water plumbing is constructed of food grade tube and fittings. Equipped with in-line water filter, heater and check valve.

Interior view of SM400 3-Compartment Sink with Hand Wash
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Features include a quick recovery, thermostatically controlled 6 gallon hot water heater, a 9 gallon fresh water and 15 gallon waste water holding tank clearly marked to prevent interchanging. Fused demand water pump keeps your water pressure at a constant 45 lbs of pressure.

Diagram of interior of SM400 Handwash Sink built by Lil' Orbits



Dimensions: 72" L x 24" W x 40" H (1.8m x 61cm x 1.02cm)
Electrical: 16 amps, a 20 amp circuit is required.
Weight: 290 lbs. (420 lbs. crated shipping weight)
Construction: Food grade stainless steel