Odor-Free Cooking with our

Advanced downdraft filtration system with built-in fire suppression

Now you can operate the SS1200 or SS2400 donut machine in the open without overhead ventilation hoods!

The downdraft system is designed for use in sites where odor control is required - like malls, convention centers, retail stores, etc... The system also includes a built-in automatic Pyro-Chem Kitchen Knight II fire suppression system. The entire system is self-contained and compactly mounted in either our AFS-Series compact stainless steel cart or our larger FSC-Series stainless steel cart.

Whether you choose our AFS-Series Cabinet (shown at right), or our FSC-Series cabinet (show below), you will have a proven profit maker. the system is also available in our popular kiosk package.


Lil' Orbits F60-12DDF Downdraft Ventilation Cart for SS1200 Mini Donut Machine
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Model AFS12 for SS1200
Model AFS24 for SS2400

Lil' Orbits FSC-12DDF Vendor Cart for SS1200 Mini Donut Machine
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Model FSC-12DDF for SS1200
Model FSC-24DDF for SS2400

Here is how the downdraft filtration system works:

  1. Cooking odors are drawn into the intake manifold and pass through two galvanized baffle filters. Any excess oil is collected by the oil collector located at the bottom of the intake manifold.
  2. Next the air passes through two special carbonized filter pads (filters #3 and #4) which remove any oil vapor and 30% of cooking odors.
  3. The next purification step is the final filter bed, where the air is passed through 4 stages of activated carbon pads.
  4. Finally, any trace odors are removed with an activated carbon bed before being exhausted to the floor (see illustration below.)

How the Lil' Orbits Downdraft Filration System works - Line drawing 1

Lil' Orbits FSC-12DDF Vendor Cart for SS1200 Mini Donut Machine
Custom chrome "blow-off" caps seal the fire suppression discharge nozzles from contamination.

Close-up view shows how the downdraft housings fit around the donut machine. You can hardly tell it's there! And when it's running, it's whisper quiet.

All of our downdraft systems include a comprehensive Fire Suppression system with a total of four discharge nozzles, two mounted directly over the donut machine fry tank, and two more hidden within the system. A manual pull station is also included for added safety.

Interior view of the Lil' Orbits Vendor Cart showing our automatic Fire Suppression system

The automatic Pyro-Chem Kitchen Knight II System is incorporated into our odor-free downdraft filtration system and meets the requirements of standard UL-300. This system is ANSI/UL-73, UL--300, CAN/CSA C22.2, NFPA-96, ANSI/UL-710B and NSF-59 listed.

Fire Suppression System

There has not been a single case of accidental fire from over 20,000 donut machines sold since we began in 1974. However, most local building codes still require automatic fire suppression systems and ours is one of the best available. All testing and certifications have been completed and issued.

The built-in fire suppression system houses a 3-gallon container of Potassium Carbonate solution. This versatile, state-of-the-art, wet chemical distribution technique is combined with an automatic heat detector as well as a manual release pull station to provide efficient and reliable protection the moment a fire is detected.

Two chrome discharge nozzles are mounted directly over the cooking area for fast, reliable extinguishing of flames generated in the donut fryer. The Fire Suppression System is wired into the electrical system of the cart and donut machine so that in the unlikely event of a fire, the power to the donut machine and the Downdraft Filtration System are shut down as required by most fire safety codes.

The same system, self-contained in a beautiful stainless steel cart, is available for either the SS1200 or SS2400 electric mini donut machines.

Easy to maintain

Every 12 hours: lift out the baffle grease filters. Wash, dry and replace. Takes only minutes.

Every 40 hours: replace one carbonized pad and discard the top pad.

Every 1,000 hours: refill activated carbon bed with our special granulated carbon.

Total maintenance cost is only pennies per day. Each cart comes with enough replacement pads for 500 hours of operation.


All models contain the same blower motor system. Blow motor is split-capacitor type. UL-recognized E47479 and E374403. Rated at 745 CFM. Available in 120V, 60Hz and 220V, 50Hz.

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AFS-Series cabinets and FSC-Series carts are certified by ETL to:

  • NSF-2, NSF-59
  • ANSI/UL-710, ANSI/UL-73, ANSI/NFPA-96
  • UL-300
  • CSA C22.2 No. 68-92 and No. 113
  • PCL-300