Custom Cart and Cabinet Options

Looking for an easy way to make your operation unique? Concerned about fitting into the decor at a mall, arena or event center?

Any of the carts offered in our line can be customized in several ways. In fact, despite the benefits of brand marketing, Lil' Orbits does not require any of our operators to use our name, logo or color scheme in their operation.

For a more customized look, check out the vinyl wrap samples in the carts shown here. Vinyl can be applied over stainless steel and provides and endless possibility for design. Your new cart or cabinet will come pre-wrapped directly from the factory.

Take a look at some samples of past cabinets, and talk to your adviser for more information on creating your own cart.

A few custom FSC-Series Vendor Carts...

Remember, the sky is the limit with designs. Contact your business advisor for design help and graphic submissions.