Lil' Orbits Ductless Filtration Hood System

Early in our business (1974) we found the need for an effective odor removing hood. When operating in enclosed areas nearly everyone loves the aroma of fresh donuts, except clothing merchants and dry cleaning stores.

The Lil' Orbits filtration hood was developed with the help of Research Industries and incorporates a standard washable aluminum mesh filter. When required you can insert the special activated carbon filter element into the hood. Here the air is drawn through fire retardant accordion pleated filter paper and through 10 pounds of granulated activated carbon in honey comb chambers which absorbs any odors.

Under average use the disposable activated carbon filter will last from 3-400 cooking hours.

This hood is not designed for permanent indoor locations, such as malls.

Two models available:

  • Model SS1201 for CE150 or CE200 cabinet
    (mounts on SS1202 plex)
  • Model SS2401 for CE200 cabinet
    (mounts on SS2402 plex)
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Lil' Orbits SS1201 Filtration Hood as shown atop the SS1202 plex shield