Self-Contained Sink Systems

Professional and easy to use - Now you can avoid the high costs of permanent plumbing, with this easy-to-use sink module! Its clean stainless steel sinks make for a sanitary operation.

Built to satisfy most health codes. We only utilize seamless stainless steel drop-in sinks for our system. Both systems include a 11.5" diameter lavatory sink for hand washing purposes. The larger SM400 system also includes a 3-compartment deep-drawn stainless steel sink for washing, rinsing and sanitizing food preparation items.

All plumbing is arranged for easy accessibility. Hot water heater has an on-off switch and safety valve, and can be set for 170°F as required by most health departments. Water pressure is automatically maintained by a demand pump.

Fresh and waste water tanks are clearly marked to avoid interchanging and are conveniently accessed through the back of the system. Sink modules can be connected to local water supply at water inlet fitting if desired.

SM400 Self-Contained 3-compartment sink system with hand wash sink

SM400 3-Compartment Sink

  • 3-Compartment deep-drawn stainless steel sink
  • 11.5" diameter hand wash sink
  • 6 gallon hot water heater
  • 9 gal fresh water, 15 gal waste water tanks on dolly
  • Demand water pump

SM200 Self-contained hand wash sink system

SM200 Hand Wash Sink

  • Stainless steel construction with locking door
  • 11.5" diameter hand wash sink
  • 2.5 gallon hot water heater
  • 5 gal fresh water, 2 - 5 gal waste water tanks, removable
  • Demand water pump