Lil' Orbits mini-donut operations can deliver the numbers

Lil' Orbits has been turning donuts into dollars for over 35 years
We've been turning Donuts to Dollars for over 45 years!

Lil' Orbits mini-donut operators pocket a strong profit margin while serving the famous mini-donut snack food to happy customers.

Look at this profit example and compare it to other business opportunities. Few businesses allow you to recover your initial investment as quickly as a Lil' Orbits enterprise.

Look at these tasty profits...

Let's say you placed your machine in a good traffic location and operated at full speed for 2 hours, selling all the mini-donuts you produced.

2400 mini-donuts @ $5.00/doz. $1,000.00
Less Cost of Ingredients:  
Mix: 31 lbs @ $0.92/lb $28.52
Shortening: 1-1/2 gals @ $7.40/gal $11.10
Bags: 200 @ $0.021 each $4.20
Sugar/Cinnamon: 3/4 lbs $1.50
Total Costs: $45.32
Your Gross Profits* $954.68
As much as 95%, or $475.00 per hour!  

*Gross profit estimates do not include any other operating costs, such as on-site utilities, rent or labor costs. The estimates here are illustrations only. Your actual results may vary. Contact an advisor for more information.



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