Menu expansion is a great way to increase store revenue, and here's how:

Do you have pancakes on your menu? How about crepes? They are both low food cost, high profit items. But, until now, both have been labor intensive to train-in and cook. And, keeping up with sales volume can be difficult too. If you have ever offered these items on your menu, you might have experienced these sorts of issues - we can help!

No more pouring batter into hot griddles of boiling grease. No more spattering mess, burned chefs or over and under cooked products. The Lil' Orbits Uni-Matic II makes it easy to add or keep pancakes and crepes on your menu. Automatic, greaseless cooking reduces training and labor costs and locks in repeatable, quality results. Lil' Orbits mix takes all the guesswork out of product formulation... just add water, pour mix into the Uni-Matic II hopper and watch the ready-to-serve product come off the cooking belts - with the same results every time.

The Uni-Matic II sets up quickly and cooks products fast - you determine the output quantity. Keep up with sales, serve 'em hot, give your customers a real value, and make money. The action and aroma will do the selling for you.

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